Wedding Officiant
Rahne is an ordained minister and offers your personal and meaningful wedding ceremonies. She has ten years of experience and truly enjoys the wedding officiant job.  
(There is an extra charge for out of town weddings, and for travel during rush hour.)

$250 Wedding
$150 Wedding Rehearsal

Baby Blessing / Baby Naming
Rahne also offers baby blessings (baby dedications). She has a few selected ceremonies that you can choose from to create your special time with your child.    

$250 Blessing


Soul Integration

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sound healing

Rahne uses a planetary gong vibrating to the sound of OM. The sound of OM, is the first sound of the expression of One, and this sound reminds us of home. The sound Om is utilized as a life-line—like a thread back to the One.

Rahne uses crystal bowls vibrating to the heart and 3rd eye chakras (Esoteric philosophy suggests the 2nd Ray is the connection between the heart and 3rd eye, living from the heart and wisdom), along with Tibetan bowls. The sound tools help entrain the brain to move into a deeper Alpha and Theta brain wave frequency.

​1 hour session is $125

transformation healing

In a transformation healing session Rahne works with the client’s emotional pain body and blends various alternative healing modalities to encourage blockages to surface and be transformed.

There is a belief that through our childhood and past lives we become fragmented by the experiences of trauma and abuse. The Shamans heal this through Soul Retrieval. In Rahne’s work she calls this soul integration, healing the soul. This is a gift of Rahne’s sacred work that she has discovered through her sessions with clients.  It is the release first of the ego part that has created the separation and then the return of the fragment.  This is a very powerful tool in healing  the soul, utilizing shame release, and disentanglement of ancestral trauma.

2 hour session is $245

Sacred Space Connection


Rahne offers Skype or Zoom sessions for her long distance clients. These sessions are similar to the transformational healing sessions.

1 hour session is $95

Or a package of 4 session prepaid is $340

​Cancellation Policy

​Cancellations of appointments within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will result in a $50.00 fee.